Overview | Specification

DVDO TILE Specification

DVDO TILE Features
  • Cast up to four 1080p video streams simultaneously

  • Moderator Mode – management and control of content

  • Universal Compatibility – iOS, Android, and Windows environments equally and expertly supported

  • Customize the presentation – reposition, resize and relayer tiles with alpha blending

  • Simple Setup – Install, Connect, Present

  • Internal Access Point – when a network is unavailable or locked out

  • Full audio control of all tiles through the TILE app

  • Network Connection – Ethernet and WiFi

  • DVDO Application
    Download The DVDO TILE App
    TILE users manage their experience with DVDO’s free and easy-to-use TILE App, which is available for iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as for Mac and Windows PC systems. Users simply download the app from iTunes or the Google Play Store or from TILE itself and begin to cast content through TILE to the connected display. A Moderator mode can help approve and queue the casted content before it is shown on screen, offering an amazing feature for educational environments.