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Autopack Barcode Scanner

CipherLab 1070 Scanner

CipherLab 1070 CCD General Corded Scanners

An affordable solution to help businesses streamline workflow and boost efficiency on shop floors and at checkout stands.

• Sensor: 1500 pixels
• Resolution: 4 mil
• Scan Rate: 100 scans / second

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CipherLab 1500 Scanner

CipherLab 1500 Linear Image General Corded Scanners

Bringing retail productivity and performance up to speed, the 1500 series of scanners offers powerful reliability with efficiency.

• Sensor: 2500 pixels
• Resolution: 3 mil
• Scan Rate: 520 scans / second
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CipherLab 1266 Scanner

CipherLab 1266
Barcode Scanner

CipherLab 1704 Scanner

CipherLab 1704 2D Barcode Scanner

Capture more symbologies in nearly any application. For manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, and more, you can depend on the CipherLab 1704 scanner to help save money and increase productivity.

• Sensor: 1280(H) × 1024(V)
• Resolution: 5 mil (1D), 6.67 mil (2D)
• Frame Rate: 30 frames/second

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CipherLab 1664 Scanner

CipherLab 1664 Pocket-Sized 2D Scanner

Being pocket-sized, the 1600 series is designed to meet the scanning needs in healthcare, field sales and field service.

• Sensor: 752 x 480 pixels
• Resolution: 3 mil - 1D barcode / 5 mil - 2D barcode
• Scan Rate: 60 scans / second

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Cognex 700 Series

Cognex DataMan 700 Handheld Barcode Reader

Handles a wide range of degradations to code appearance that result from dramatic degradations in DPM.

• Sensor: 752 x 480 pixel array
• Resolution: 6 mil ~ 12 mil
• Aiming: Laser aimer, Class 2

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Cognex 8050 Series

Cognex DataMan 8050 Handheld Barcode Reader

The flexible modular design ensures the DataMan 8050 series readers are ready to meet ever changing communication needs.

• Sensor: 752 x 480 global shutter
• Resolution: 7 mil 2D Code: Up to 40 mm, 10 mil 2D Code: Up to 80 mm, 6 mil Code39: Up to 90 mm

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Cognex 8600 Series

Cognex DataMan 8600 Handheld Barcode Reader

Equipped with an advanced liquid lens imaging system and patented UltraLight flexible lighting technology, DataMan 8600 barcode readers decode the most challenging DPM barcodes on the widest variety of surfaces.

• Sensor: 1280 x 1024 High Resolution Sensor
• Aiming: Laser Aimer, Class 1 and Class 2

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Cognex DataMan 70Q Series

Cognex DataMan 70Q Fixed-Mount Barcode Reader

DataMan 70 is a compact fixed-mount barcode reader providing the highest read rates for 1D and 2D label-based barcodes. With advanced image formation and a small footprint.

• Sensor: 1/3" CMOS
• Resolution: 752 x 480 global shutter
• Decode Rate: 45/ second

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Cognex 150 Series

Cognex DataMan 150S Fixed-Mount Barcode Reader

The DataMan 150 series fixed-mount, image-based barcode readers deliver unprecedented performance, flexibility and ease-of-use.

• Resolution: 752 x 480 global shutter
• Decode Rate: 2/ second
• Protection: IP-65

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Cognex 360 Series

Cognex DataMan
360 Series

Cognex 500 Series

Cognex DataMan
500 Series

Datalogic Cobalto CO5300

Datalogic Cobalto™
CO5300 Scanner

Datalogic Magellan 2200VS

Datalogic Magellan™
2200VS Scanner

Datalogic Heron HD3100

Datalogic Heron™
HD3100 Scanner

Datalogic Quickscan QM2100

Datalogic Quickscan®
Mobile QM2100

Datalogic Gryphon GBT4400

Datalogic Gryphon™
GBT4400 Scanner

Datalogic PowerScan Series

Datalogic Gryphon™
GD4500 Scanner

Datalogic PowerScan Series

Datalogic PowerScan™
PM9500 Series

Datalogic Rida DBT6400

Datalogic Rida™
DBT6400 Scanner

Datalogic Matrix 120 Industrial Scanners

Datalogic Matrix 120
Industrial Scanners

Datalogic DS1100 Stationary Industrial Scanners

Datalogic DS1100
Stationary Industrial Scanners

Datalogic DX82000A

Datalogic DX82000A
Industrial Barcode Scanners

Datalogic P1X-Series

Datalogic P1X-Series
Smart Camera

Datalogic MX-U Series Vision Processor

Datalogic MX-U Series
Vision Processor


Datalogic Laser

HID Fargo Omnikey 5025 CL Card Reader

HID Fargo Omnikey 5025CL
Card Reader

HID Fargo HDP5600

HID Fargo Omnikey 5427CK
Card Reader

HID Fargo HDP6600

HID Fargo Omnikey 5127CK
Card Reader

1250G Scanner

Honeywell Voyager
1250G Scanner

1300g Scanner

Honeywell Hyperion
1300g Scanner

Voyager 1450G Scanner

Honeywell Voyager
1450G Scanner

1900GHD Scanner

Honeywell Xenon
1900GHD Scanner

1980i Scanner

Honeywell Granit
1980i Scanner

Orbit Scanner

Honeywell MK7120
Orbit Scanner

7580 Scanner

Honeywell Genesis
7580 Scanner

Quantumt Scanner

Honeywell MK3580
Quantumt Scanner

7980G Scanner

Honeywell Solaris
7980G Scanner

Compact 2D Scanner

Honeywell HF500
Compact 2D Scanner

1602G Pocket-sized Scanner

Honeywell Voyager
1602G Scanner


RJS Inspector D4000
Barcode Verifier


Snap 3100i
Imager Scanner


Snap 5100i
Imager Scanner

Uniform MSR213U Reader

Uniform MSR213U


Uniform MSR206

MSR8310 Reader

Uniform MSR8310


Zebra LS2208
Barcode Scanner

DS2278 Scanner

Zebra DS2278
Cordless Handheld Scanner


Zebra DS6708
Barcode Scanner


Zebra DS4308SR
Hanheld Scanner


Zebra DS3678SR
Barcode Scanner

DS8178SR Imager

Zebra DS8178SR
Handheld Scanner

Zebra LI4278 Scanner

Zebra LI4278
Cordless Linear Scanner

Zebra DS9208
Barcode Scanner

CS3070 Scanner

Zebra DS457
Fixed Mount Scanner


Zebra CS3070
Cordless Scanner


Zebra CS4070
Companion Scanner

MC36 Scanner

Zebra MC3330R
RFID Scanner

RFID Reader

Zebra MC3390R
RFID Reader

MC45 Scanner

Zebra MC9190-Z
RFID Reader